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Angelfire Team Blog
Friday, 28 October 2011
Featured Friday: Ricketts Photography
Topic: Featured Friday

Ricketts Photography has a well designed website with beautiful photos as well. They take basic photographs like pictures of couples, family portaits, and children, but you can also get your wedding or event shot and you can even have them add advanced filters to your images for an additional cost.


Check Ricketts Photography out if live in the area or check them out on Facebook at Ricketts Photography of Michigan. You can also visit their website at www.rickettsphotography.com.


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Friday, 21 October 2011
Featured Friday: Wachusett Paranormal Research Group
Topic: Featured Friday

To get into the Halloween spirit, today's featured site is all about ghosts and the paranormal - awesome! Wachusett Paranormal Group was created by Certified Paranormal Investigator, Shelly Moore Caron, and her husband, Investigator In-training, Dave Caron. The Carons and team will investigate your house or business if you believe any paranormal activity is afoot.


The WPRG website introduces you to the team and will soon be posting evidence from their investigations! You can even read their interview that was in the Sentinel & Enterprise newspaper which covers why they got into the paranormal, how 90% of all claims can be debunked with scientific evidence, and even how claims increase in the fall and winter because it's darker and people are spending more time inside of their houses. 


Check out WPRG for yourself at WachusettParanormal.com - if you're in the area, you can request for them to investigate a haunted happening in your home, but first you have to fill out an extensive form which will help in determining if you have a legitimate claim or are just trying to pull their leg. They're also looking for new members! Investigators, technicians, and historical researchers can all become a part of WPRG, but only if they are serious and aren't just looking to have fun! (I would love to be a guest investigator, if they'd have me)


Happy Hauntings everyone! Submit your site to be featured next week at featured-site.angelfire.com (bonus points if you're Halloween themed!).


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Updated: Friday, 21 October 2011 1:39 PM EDT
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Friday, 14 October 2011
Featured Friday: A Home To Grow
Topic: Featured Friday

AHomeToGrow.com has amazing web design and a great message. Lydia & Dale run London-based childcare. Their website shows the great amount of time and effort that they put into caring for children by creating meal plans, showing a slideshow of activities and the playrooms, and giving links to schools that they work with along with policies and procedures. Both Dale and Lydia have superior qualifications and experience in childcare.

Visit the website to see the amazing design work that Dale has done as well as read their story.


To see your site featured here next Friday, submit your site to featured-site.angelfire.com!


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Friday, 7 October 2011
Featured Friday: Sweet Tea Magazine
Topic: Featured Friday

This Friday we're sharing with you a website "that refreshes" - Sweet Tea Magazine! SweetTeaTheMagazine.com may seem like a website for a magazine all about the refreshing southern staple at first glance, but it offers much more. Both a published and online magazine, Sweet Tea is a bi-monthly publication that prints stories, recipes, and fun columns like Questions for Miss Know It All and Bubba's Corner.


The website has a great virtual upload of the magazine for you to flip through. You can even sign up to advertise in Sweet Tea by filling out their form. Not only does Sweet Tea offer great reading material, but they also offer homemade olive oil soaps for purchase on their website with delectable scents like Pumpkin Oil & Pumpkin Spice or Creme Brulee & Oatmeal. You can also purchase the Sweet Tea cookbook for only 10 dollars!


Check out SweetTeaTheMagazine.com and submit your site to be featured next Friday at featured-site.angelfire.com


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Friday, 30 September 2011
Featured Friday: Neighborhood Pet Services
Topic: Featured Friday

I love dogs. I am jealous of anyone who gets to spend their work day playing with and taking care of dogs. I am incredibly jealous of this week's Featured Friday site's webmaster, Laura Kokoski. Laura is the owner of Neighborhood Pet Services in Western Massachusetts and will walk your dog, pet sit your cat, or just visit your animals during the day to be let out or fed if you have to be out of the house and feel bad leaving them cooped up.


Not only will Laura walk, play with, and feed your pet, she's also an trainer and can teach your pooch some manners! With numerous training seminars under her belt, you can trust that Laura will teach your dog right from wrong - right in the comfort of their own home! Additionally, Laura has been training service dogs since she first became interested in NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dog Service) in 1992. 


Visit neighborhoodpetserv.angelfire.com to read more about Laura's work with animals, testimonials, and of course, view pictures of the cats and dogs she cares for! 

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Updated: Friday, 30 September 2011 3:16 PM EDT
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Friday, 23 September 2011
Featured Friday: JefferyGuide
Topic: Featured Friday

Similar to last week's Featured Site, Rusty's Cage, this week's Featured Friday is a website full of entertaining information. JefferyGuide has something for everyone. Are you a fan of Doctor Who (like me)? Then you will find a great resource of Whovian information (I've spent a lot of time in this category already!). Not a sci fi fan? Not a problem. Maybe you'll find enjoyment looking through the Cash Cab or Iron Chef pages. There are even just general pages like "Everyday Links" and "Everyday Art." If you're looking to spend a lot of time on the Internet, THIS is the place to start!


All along the left-hand side of the website are the categories that JefferyGuide focuses on in alphabetical order so you can find exactly what you're looking for (or easily browse if you're not in search of anything specific). Webmaster Dave Jeffery even lists his email in case you want to request a link you want to see put on his site. Spend some time browsing the useful and most popular links on his site and see for your self what an amazing amount of time and effort Dave Jeffery has put into JefferyGuide!


Check out JefferyGuide at https://www.angelfire.com/trek/amsguy/


Submit your site to be featured next Friday at featured-site.angelfire.com


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Monday, 19 September 2011
10 New Styles!
Topic: Site Builder Updates

You wanted more, so we're delivering: 10 new styles for the builder! Take a look at what we're rolling out: 



 Bed of Blue: This dreamy style is simple and clean. Perfect for hotels or a textile business. 












 Cyan: Add a pop of colo to your website with this style - a great accent to any page. 











 Jellyfish: This striking style will give your website that dramatic design you've been looking for. 












 Luminescence: A delicate design for any business or personal site looking for a subdued accent to their site. 












 Martini: This sleek style is great for a restaurant or bar website - or to highlight your favorite beverage!












 Pink Pixels: Perfect for the lover of pink with a retro 8-bit feel. 













 The Real Teal: Keep it simple with great color on your personal or business page - great for all types of pages.












 The Rings: A fun and playful style, great for a personal site or funky online shop.  













 Treads: Have a site about your love of cars or your automotive business? This style will give it the theme it needs mixed with great design. 











 Trees: A calm style, great for personal pictures, stories, or personal business.  




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Updated: Monday, 19 September 2011 2:46 PM EDT
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Friday, 16 September 2011
Featured Friday: Trash To Treasure For You
Topic: Featured Friday

I love HGTV and anything that has to do with home renovation. When Dan first started building his website on Angelfire, trash2treasure4you.net, I thought it was such a great concept - taking old, unwanted pieces of furniture, either found at a yard sale or in some cases on the side of the road, and making them back into great pieces of furniture that are possibly much better quality than those that you pay hundreds for in stores today!


All created with the Angelfire builder, this website does a great job at displaying different techniques you can use to turn a mirror from tacky to classy and rejuvinate furniture bought at a yard sale. Watch videos, flip through a gallery of projects, read through some tips & ideas, and even submit your own photos of your projects. 


Visit Dan's website at www.trash2treasure4you.net and learn a thing or two about turning trash into treasure!


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Friday, 9 September 2011
Featured Friday: Rusty's Cage
Topic: Featured Friday

I thoroughly enjoy reading books, watching movies, and watching TV but I tend to be one of those people that prefers to read a review first so as not to waste my time (or money!) watching a bad movie or reading a bad book (I'll just record TV shows and delete them if I don't like them). This week, we are featuring a site that I just may have to bookmark so that I can figure out exactly what I should read, watch, or even listen to. RustysCage.com is an entertainment wonderland full of reviews, recaps, and even some general gripes!


A few things that convinced me that this site was great was that:

1) They recap all of the award shows so I can easily know who all the winners all without sitting through hours of boring speeches, possible dissapointments, and a lot of ads!

2) The review of the movie "Unknown" was exactly how I felt about the movie! The final sentence in the review made me laugh: "There is no doubt this film is an action packed advertisement for the Mercedes-Benz brand name" (If you haven't seen the movie and don't understand this, "Unknown" makes it seem as though Mercedes are the only cars available in Germany). Too bad I didn't read the review before I watched almost a 2 hour car commercial!


So what does RustysCage.com's webmaster have to say about the site? "We have been working extremely hard to promote our website to take it to the next level with SEO and similar methods. Also, we are soon moving cross-country and will lose much of the local traffic we have gotten in Buffalo." It is clear just clicking through the endless pages of music, book, movie, and TV reviews plus comical gripes, recaps, and even pop culture obituaries that this site has had a lot of effort put into it! We at Angelfire highly recommend Rusty's Cage and think you should check it out! 


Want to see your site featured next week? Submit it at featured-site.angelfire.com!


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Updated: Friday, 9 September 2011 9:05 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 7 September 2011
Angelfire Brand Perception Survey
Topic: Your Feedback

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