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Friday, 30 December 2011
Featured Friday: Mymsin Japanese Shiba Inu
Topic: Featured Friday

I love Shiba Inus but I have heard that they can be hard to raise or live with. Shiba Inus are beautiful dogs which originate from Japan that have strong personalities. On http://www.mymsinshibas.co.uk you can read all about the webmaster's history with Shibas as well as great tips for living with and caring for Shibas.



You can also find out some interesting facts about Shibas in the "What If?" section. For example, did you know that Shibas are highly in tune with you when you're pregnant and may even know before you do!? Weird! And then of course, the best part of the website, looking at the many, many pictures of the Shibas! Have fun!


If you want your site featured here next Friday, submit your site at featuredsite.angelfire.com!

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