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Friday, 1 June 2012
Featured Friday
Topic: Featured Friday

Cows vs. Visitors!  If you ever imagined those gentle herbivores carrying pitchforks and rifles in an attempt to protect the Earth from Alien invaders, then you must check out Omni-miniatures! Omni-miniatures is a home-based business that specializes in manufacturing war gaming and RPG miniatures.  You can easily find unique and creative Sci-Fi or Fantasy characters to help bring your game playing to life.  The Colorado based company’s ordering process is simple and straightforward - tell them what you want and how many and after a simple PayPal payment your cool looking figures are shipped to your door.



The site has numerous pictures of the various miniatures they carry plus scenery is also available to enhance your playing field.  All miniatures come unpainted but the pictures on the site help you envision how you could characterize these great pieces.  If you are new to roleplaying or not sure where to find a great game to get started, the site’s Useful Links section helps get you on your way.  I remember watching my brothers play D&D for hours and none of their miniatures ever looked as cool as these. Did I mention there are cows battling for freedom?!

Check it out today!

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