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Angelfire Team Blog
Friday, 25 May 2012
Featured Friday: Echoreason
Topic: Featured Friday

Today's featured site comes to us from an awesome band as well as awesome website builders! Echoreason, is a rock band out of Seattle, WA. The band started in 2010 and took a while to get up a website, but the one they have up now is amazing!



Echoreason has a super-easy to navigate website. You can read how the band got their start in the bio, listen to some music, and check out their tour dates. Currently it looks like they are currently sticking around Washington, but maybe if we get them enough traffic they'll be able to venture elsewhere! 


Check out their site and listen to their music today! Visit echoreason.angelfire.com!


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Friday, 18 May 2012
Featured Friday
Topic: Featured Friday

Social Networking for the Dead might seem a bit unusual but the folks at ObitCity.com have created a destination where the good memories of those who have passed on can be shared.  The extensive site is a labor of love where each submitted obituary is typed into an extensive database that can be easily searched.  With modest beginnings, the site has since grown to include entries from all 50 states.  The volunteer “staff” know how healing sharing words on the life of a departed one can be for a grieving family.









The layout provides easy navigation so you can learn more on how to submit an obituary or what’s new on the site.  ObitCity has a section on how they can help you either write an obituary or assist in hosting sites for a funeral homes to get them better exposure. ObitCity.com might seem strange on first pass but I highly recommend you dig a bit more deeply because the site is a tremendous resource.

Check it out today! 

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Updated: Friday, 18 May 2012 5:44 PM EDT
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Friday, 27 April 2012
Featured Friday: Champaign County Sharks Volleyball
Topic: Featured Friday

Today’s Featured Friday site is the Champaign County Sharks Volleyball Club.  This great site is a terrific resource of information for the hard working volleyball club of the Ohio Valley Region.  The Club’s mission is to promote good sportsmanship among young ladies and help them develop a love of volleyball and it’s clear they are quite successful in that endeavor.  






The site’s great design and navigation makes it easy to discover Tournament and Practice Schedules plus learning the current week’s Pool Play.  Upon viewing the Photos section, you  see how thrilled each team is with their bracket or championship wins!  If you have a sports club and want to design a website to help promote your team, their season or highlight their success, then look no further than Champaign County Sharks Volleyball Club for inspiration.


Check it out today!

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Monday, 23 April 2012
Featured Website: Signing Time Foundation
Topic: Featured Friday

Going to be in the Portland area May 19th?  You should check out the Signing Time Foundation’s concert featuring Rachel Coleman, Emmy-Nominated star of the PBS show “Signing Time”.  The site provides the details for this tremendous event and ways you can help either by volunteering your time or donating to help cover the venue costs.




The organization is dedicated to making ASL accessible to all families and there are such benefits to signing to all children, not just those who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Learn more about Rachel’s personal experiences and how Signing Time came to be.  Support this amazing group that wants to help create a world where all children can express themselves.

Check it out today.

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Friday, 13 April 2012
Featured Friday: Screamers Archive
Topic: Featured Friday

Wish you could relive your childhood?  Looking for a bit of nostalgia to help make the work day a bit sunnier?  Then look no further than Screamers Archive.  The creator of the site has such a passion for all things cool - especially from the 70’s & 80’s!  The site is a treasure trove of cartoons, movies and toys and you will be sure to find a priceless gem of days gone by that will make you exclaim “I remember that!” with great enthusiasm.





I enjoyed seeing the great movie posters of my youth - Goonies, Jaws and Gremlins. Goonies never say Die!  Plus, a whole section on cartoons that remind me of many afternoons spent in front of the TV watching fantastic shows like Thundercats, Voltron and Jem (she’s truly outrageous!)  Are you a classic gamer and lover of such hits like Asteroids or Breakout? After visiting the arcade section of the site, you will be searching online for the nearest arcade to get your fix!  

You will be reminded of backyard days having epic battles between the Transformers and the Imperial Empire.  Not sure who my money was on - Optimus Prime or Darth Vader?  Enjoy this trip to your youthful past and check out Screamers Archive today!

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Friday, 6 April 2012
Featured Friday: Cameraflage Photography
Topic: Featured Friday

This week's featured site is a beautifully done photography website. Cameraflage Photography specializes in portraits, categories including Family, Kids, Newborns, and Maternity. Each section has a sampling of Cameraflage's work using attractive slideshows.





You can contact Cameraflage Photography by emailing them directly or connecting to them via their Facebook fan page. Check out their website and photography today!


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Friday, 17 February 2012
Featured Friday: Smiling Dog Farms
Topic: Featured Friday

Today’s site highlights an amazing group out of Wharton, TX, who provide sanctuary to dogs who have been deemed “unadoptable” or have run out of time at a shelter.  Jay Hellerich and Richard Clements have been making a difference in the lives of these unique animals since 1994 and have since bought a peaceful 37-acre farm to ensure there will always be a place for the dogs.


Exploring the site you will discover how the sanctuary began and are able to learn more about the dogs currently at the farm.  Though most of the dogs are there to live out the rest of their days, some are available for adoptions and you can learn more about these cuties.  Plus, there is a whole section that details the various ways you can help Smiling Dog Farms.
Take a few minutes to check the site out and support a wonderful and caring group!

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Friday, 3 February 2012
Featured Friday: Mr. Music
Topic: Featured Friday
Looking for a talented bunch to handle the tunes for your next party?  Want to find the perfect DJ for your wedding?  Then look no further than Mr Music, Disc Jockeys at your service!


Mr. Music has many years of experience and they can’t wait to make that special event unforgettable.  Their easy-to-navigate site provides excellent information like packages offered, frequently asked questions and testimonials – exactly what you need to make the right decision.  Their friendly and quirky staff ensures you relax while they do all the hard work thus creating the best party atmosphere possible.
Don’t wait – check out Mr. Music today and get ready for some great tunes and fun times!

Posted by team-blog at 4:50 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 3 February 2012 4:51 PM EST
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Friday, 13 January 2012
Featured Friday: The Athens Antique Mall
Topic: Featured Friday

Vintage has been in style recently and where's a better place to buy vintage than an antique mall!? The Athens Antique Mall buys and sells antiques and collectibles. The site uses the photo album to display images of the different antique offerings that you can flip through.


If you're in the Bogart, GA area, stop by the 9500+ square foot building to see what treasure you can find! Or maybe you have an antique treasure of your own that you want to make some money off of - stop by to see how much it's worth and sell it to Athens Antique Mall. You can sign up to receive email updates and news about special events right on their home page. Visit theathensantiquemall.com today!


If you want your site to be featured here next week, submit it at featured-site.angelfire.com!


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Friday, 6 January 2012
Featured Friday: G.R. Holton's Science Fiction Site
Topic: Featured Friday

Like Science Fiction? Why not support a fellow Angelfirian by buying his books on Kindle, Nook, PDF, or Paperback or read his screenplay! G.R. Holton has a love of science fiction and uses writing as a form of therapy.


Not only has G.R. written science fiction books (e.g. Deep Screams & Soleri), but he has also written up a screenplay which you can read a synopsis of on his website, and he has also acted in "12 Angry Men" as Juror #5! Don't just take our word for it - you can read plenty of book reviews of G.R's books on his website as well to help you make the right choice of which book to read first! G.R. Holton has even created the book design for Cameron's A to Z of which all royalties go to Habitat for Humanity. 


Support G.R. Holton if you love Sci-Fi or if you just appreciate an outstanding person such as himself! Visit his site at GRHolton.com.


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