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Angelfire Team Blog
Wednesday, 7 September 2011
Angelfire Brand Perception Survey
Topic: Your Feedback

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Friday, 2 September 2011
Featured Friday: Michael E. Hutchinson, Ed.S.
Topic: Featured Friday

This week's featured site is the perfect destination for music lovers. Michael Hutchinson is a highly acclaimed conductor, musician, and teacher. With a track record that boasts conducting bands at performances at the Olympics, the Sydney Opera House, and the John F. Kennedy Center (among many other concerts), Hutchinson's site and story is not one to miss.


Using the photo album, video, and guestbook tool to gather testimonials and comments from guests, everything added to the site helps display just how impressive both Hutchinson's career and site are. 


Congratulations, Michael! Keep up the great work!


Visit Michael's site here


If you want to see your site featured next Friday, submit your site here


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Friday, 26 August 2011
Featured Friday: Melissa Yost
Topic: Featured Friday

This week's featured site comes from graphic designer, Melissa Yost. Melissa's site is simple, functional, and perfectly showcases her design work.


You can click through Melissa's portfolio to see the great design work she's done so far (we can only see it vastly expanding!). Her background in Interior Design shows that she has always thought with a creative mind and we only expect to see more great work from her in the future. If you wish to contact Melissa, she lists her Facebook and a form to contact on her site.


Visit Melissa's site here.

Submit your own site at featured-site.angelfire.com!


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Friday, 19 August 2011
Featured Friday: Baby Bear Daycare
Topic: Featured Friday

This week's Featured Friday site comes from a company right down the highway from Angelfire! Baby Bear Daycare is brought to you today by Patricia Coward. Baby Bear is located in Tewksbury, MA (right near Waltham, our headquarters!) and based on the website, it looks like the kids have a ton of fun there.


Here's what Patricia had to say about her site: "I have been using Angelfire for many years. I am not a professional web designer but Angelfire has made it easy to create my own website. I put a lot of time and effort into creating something that I think is attractive to my clients." We totally agree! Babybeardaycare.org is warm and inviting and you can definitely tell that Patricia has been working hard to make it look as great as it does today. 


What I think is unique about Patricia's site and daycare is that she gives you all of the information about what she plans on doing for day-to-day activities up front. You can check out the menu, curriculum, and daily schedule all off of the home page and decide if it's the right daycare for your child. 


Don't just take our word for it that this site is well organized and delightfully cute (you have to check out the slideshow of pictures on the main page!), here are some entries from the guestbook from those who have stopped by to admire the site: 


"You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it." - Mckenna, USA


 "I am a provider in Minnesota. Thanks for sharing your site with me... I absolutely LOVED it! You did a great job. Your site definitely deserves an award." - Nicole, Minnesota 


Hopefully being Angelfire's featured site of the week is a step towards the award Nicole thinks Baby Bear Daycare deserves! Congrats, Patricia! Keep up the good work both with your site and your daycare!


You can visit this site at babybeardaycare.org. If you want to see your site featured here next week, fill out and submit the form at featured-site.angelfire.com! 



Posted by team-blog at 11:18 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 19 August 2011 11:23 AM EDT
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Friday, 12 August 2011
5 New Styles!
Topic: Site Builder Updates

Want to update your current site design with a fresh new style? Check out our newest offerings:


Black Mamba:  Perfect for your personal site, art site, or whatever funky site you have created!



Brown Stripe: This simple template is ideal for businesses that want to keep their sites clean and simple.




Escape: Use the Escape template to give your site a refined layout with a little tropical flair. 



Emerald City: It's not easy being green - use this hip style as a cool "about me" site or even a trendy site for your business. 




Rainy Nights: Feeling a bit blue? Use this site to showcase your writing, photography, or anything you please!


Posted by team-blog at 4:11 PM EDT
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Featured Friday: The Vincent Price Exhibit
Topic: Featured Friday

Exciting news! Today we have selected our first Angelfire Featured Friday site ever, and that site is ... The Vincent Price Exhibit

The Vincent Price exhibit is an amazingly designed site about (you guessed it) the famed Vincent Price. This wonderful display of everything Price is brought to you by webmaster, Richard Squires. "It's been extremely popular since its creation in 1999, and has been featured in various magazines, news reports (the BBC featured it several years back) and websites" Richard says about his site. Not only does he cover the films that we all so fondly remember Vincent for, but he sheds light on some of Price's more obscure accomplishments that the average horror fan may not be aware of. 


Richard states that his main audience is "fans of actor Vincent Price, film buffs and horror fans" but I believe he can add those who are just interested in well designed sites as well. The website is so easy to navigate and the content is so interesting, you can lose yourself searching through the articles and stories about Vincent Price's life and career as well as Richard's experience with growing up being a Price fan. 


Some of my favorite tidbits from the site were not the common facts about Vincent Price, but the personal comments from Richard. One of my favorite quotes: "I was such a Price nerd at 14 that I begged my parents to buy me American International Pictures stock for my birthday!" If that doesn't prove to you that this site is more than your average informational site about an actor, I don't know what will! You can tell that Richard has put a lot of time and effort into creating his incredibly popular site. With interesting images like a ticket stub from the first time he went to see Price in person or his actual AIP stock certificate, The Vincent Price Exhibit gives you more than you would find on say, IMDB or a generic Vincent Price informational website. 


With all that said, congratulations to Richard for claiming the first Featured Friday spot on Angelfire! You really deserved it as The Vincent Price Exhibit is not a site to miss!


If you want to see your site featured here next Friday, fill out our submission form by following the link below:


Posted by team-blog at 9:29 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 12 August 2011 9:51 AM EDT
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Thursday, 11 August 2011
Have YOUR Site Featured on Angelfire!
Topic: Featured Friday

You know it, we know it - you built an awesome site on Angelfire. The question is, does anyone else know it? We want to help you get the word out about your amazing web design skills and let the whole Angelfire community see your website.


How does this help you? The more links to your site boosts Google's impression of your site (they love backlinks). First you get a link on the blog, then on Facebook, then on Twitter. THEN, whoever retweets, reposts, or links to your site is giving you yet another link! Not to mention the increased traffic just from the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. If those reasons don't resonate with you, it's also just pretty cool! Get bragging rights - post on your Facebook page that you are Angelfire's site of the week! Who knows - maybe we'll even come out with badges soon for your site!


We love seeing your sites, so submit them here!

submit your website to Angelfire's Spotlight

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011
New Add-ons! Weather & Weather Zombie
Topic: Add-ons

Our ever-expanding library of add-ons added two new members today: the Weather add-on and the Weather Zombie add-on. Now you can share the weather from your hometown, where you are on vacation, or wherever you choose with your visitors and you can even give it an undead twist. In the editor, you can choose your city, region (for the US & Canada), and country plus you can select your unit of measuremet as either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Add additional weather add-ons to show different locations or allow your visitors to search for their own locations by displaying the search bar. 



Your add-on will look different depending on where you place it on your page (in the content, sidebar, header, or footer). Here's an example of the weather add-on placed in the content section: 



You'll see the last time that the weather was updated, the high and low for the day, current conditions, and the times for sunrise and sunset.


 The Weather Zombie add-on has the same editor and displays the same information but is a little more animated. Depending on your weather, your zombie forecaster will change! For example, today's a scorcher in Cairo so... 



The Zombie is dressed for the weather! Whereas in Fairbanks, AK, the weather is much nicer...


So the Zombie changes for the occassion.

Whichever add-on you choose, either makes a great addition to your site and keeps you updated at the same time!

Posted by team-blog at 1:37 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 12 July 2011 1:38 PM EDT
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Monday, 27 June 2011
New: Google +1 Add-on!
Topic: Add-ons

Easily get recommendations on your site by adding the Google +1 add-on. Your visitors can click this simple button and with their Google accounts, they can recommend your website. The count will show up on your page as well as Google search. You can put this button on one page of your website, or all of them! 


What does Google have to say about it:

"The +1 button is shorthand for "this is pretty cool" or "you should check this out."

Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1's can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search." http://www.google.com/+1/button/ 


Here's an example of what a site looks like on Google search with a +1 button next to it:





And after people click your add-on, the number of people who have +1'd it will show up in Google search like this: 


So place this latest add-on on your page and stay on the lookout for up and coming add-ons to make your site even better!  





Posted by team-blog at 9:16 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
New Add-on: Picapp!
Topic: Angelfire News

To better supplement any current themes you may have, we have included a new picture add-on called Picapp. With Picapp, you can select a search term which grabs up to eight images, depending what section of your website you place the add-on in, and inserts them into a stream. Click on any of the images to browse through additional similar pictures and even share your favorites with your friends through different sharing options. So if you have a site dedicated to fashion or even baked goods, use this add-on to dress up your page.




Picapp will store your search terms so if you delete one off of your page and want to use it again, you can place your Picapp add-on back on your website and choose to add a new gallery or choose from existing galleries. To make this process easier, be sure to name your galleries so you remember what images each gallery holds.


Posted by team-blog at 11:47 AM EDT
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